Boise Sedation Dentistry

at Boise Dental Arts

We offer minimal inhaled sedation with laughing gas.

Laughing gas has few side effects and helps you stay comfortable during your dental procedure.

Dr. Jeremy Brown can provide you with sedation during any dental appointment to ensure you can get the care you need.

Sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who have dental anxiety, a strong gag reflex, fear of needles, or simply want to stay comfortable during their appointment.

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Nitrous Oxide(Minimally Inhaled Sedation Or Laughing Gas)

At our dental office, we primarily use nitrous oxide for sedation. Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide has strong anti-anxiety and sedative properties with minor side effects. Patients who are sedated with laughing gas will feel relaxed and care-free, hence the term “laughing gas.”

If you wish to be sedated with nitrous oxide, Dr. Jeremy Brown uses a nose mask, which is placed directly over your nose. Then, a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen will be pumped through the mask. You’ll simply breathe in normally, and the gas will take effect as soon as you start to inhale.

One of the major benefits of nitrous oxide is that its effects only last for about 5 minutes after we have stopped delivering the gas. That means you can drive yourself home after treatment, or even head back to work to resume your day. This is not possible with deeper methods of sedation.

Treating Dental Anxiety

Beyond using nitrous oxide, we take other steps to help treat patients who have dental anxiety. At our office, we take pride in offering professional dental care in a judgment-free environment. Dr. Brown and our staff members will listen to all of your concerns, and take the appropriate steps to help minimize your dental anxiety.

‍If you do not like the sound of dental drills, for example, we can provide you with earplugs or headphones. If your dental anxiety is triggered by feeling a loss of control, Dr. Brown can keep you informed and ask for your consent during every step of your procedure, keeping you in control.

Whether you are just a bit nervous about coming to the dentist, or you have serious dental anxiety, we are here to help. You can trust us to take great care of you, and give you the treatment you need in a safe, comfortable environment.

What Procedures May Require Laughing Gas?

We typically recommend laughing gas for procedures that are more lengthy and invasive. Most patients don’t need laughing gas for a standard tooth cleaning or filling, for example, unless they have dental anxiety.

For procedures like a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) to treat periodontal disease, preparing a tooth for the placement of a dental crown, or placing a dental implant, we typically recommend sedation. Laughing gas will help you feel safe and comfortable throughout your procedure, and it makes it easier to get through lengthier treatments.