Boise Preventive Dental Care

at Boise Dental Arts

Regular preventive treatments are essential for keeping your smile healthy. 

Seeing Dr. Brown every six months ensures we catch any potential oral health issues early.

Dental cleanings are affordable, covered by dental insurance, and help keep your smile healthy and bright.

When you receive preventive dental care from Boise Dental Arts, you can save time and money by avoiding cavities, gum disease, and other issue requiring restorative dental procedures.

Learn More About Our Preventive Dental Treatments

Why Are Dental Cleanings & Hygiene Appointments Necessary?

Dental cleanings are a critical part of protecting your oral health, and keeping your smile and your gums healthy. By seeing Dr. Brown and the team at Boise Dental Arts every six months, you can get a number of great benefits. First, we’ll be able to catch any potential oral health issues early, and treat them before they become more severe. In addition, we’ll also be able to develop a better understanding of your overall oral health, and your unique oral care needs. We’ll also be able to scrape away plaque and tartar and buff and polish your teeth, leaving you with a healthier smile.

Typically, dental cleanings & hygiene appointments are very convenient and take less than an hour. First, your oral hygienist will examine your teeth, then begin cleaning each one with a dental scaler to remove plaque and tartar. Your teeth will then be cleaned with a powerful toothbrush, and flossed to remove any remaining debris. Finally, Dr. Brown will examine your mouth, and inform you if there are any issues you should be aware of. X-rays may also need to be taken periodically, and this may be done either before or after your cleaning.

Fluoride Treatments for Oral Health

Fluoride treatments are a great option for those who may have minor tooth decay or “soft spots” on their teeth. This weakened enamel structure can progress into a cavity, but fluoride treatments help remineralize the area, and strengthen the tooth, preventing the cavity from progressing any further. Fluoride treatments take only a few minutes, they can be delivered during your teeth cleaning, and are completely non-invasive. Dr. Brown will simply apply a fluoride gel to your teeth and leave it in place for a few minutes. Then you can spit out the gel, and just be sure not to rinse, eat or drink for 30 minutes after your appointment to allow the fluoride to take full affect.

Dental Sealants to Prevent Cavities

Dental sealants are a great way to protect your rear teeth from cavities if you tend to have issues controlling tooth decay. They consist of a clear plastic resin which is applied to each tooth after it has been cleaned. The resin is hardened with a UV light, which creates a strong barrier against the bacteria, acid, and food debris that contributes to tooth decay. In turn, this prevents cavities from forming on the sealed tooth.

Periodontal Care vs. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, and is characterized by issues like puffy, swollen gums, gum redness, gum itchiness, bleeding when brushing, and halitosis (bad breath). Proper periodontal care, such as a deep cleaning (scaling & root planing) is essential for controlling gingivitis. If you do not get care, your condition may progress into periodontitis, which is irreversible, and causes permanent damage to your teeth and gums.