Boise Dental Fillings

at Boise Dental Arts

Dental fillings stop tooth decay in its tracks, preventing further damage to your teeth.

Filling a tooth allows you to avoid more expensive, invasive treatments like root canal therapy and dental crowns.

We offer tooth-colored fillings that look and feel just like part of your natural tooth, allowing you to restore both the natural function and appearance of your tooth.

With numbing and sedation dentistry, Dr. Jeremy Brown offers completely pain-free fillings in Boise.

We’ll Fill You In

Teeth Cavities With Dental Fillings

Once your tooth has developed a cavity, you need to treat it as quickly as you can. Typically, the best way to treat cases of minor-to-moderate tooth decay is with a dental filling. Fillings stop the progression of tooth decay and halt the damage to your enamel and dentin. To begin the process, Dr. Brown will numb and clean your mouth. Then, he will use a dental drill to remove all of the damaged enamel from your tooth and clean the area. Once the area has been prepared, he will apply the composite filling material, which matches the color of your existing teeth perfectly. The filling will be shaped to restore the biting surface of your tooth. Once this process is complete, Dr. Brown will check your bite, and make any minor adjustments, if necessary.

Amalgams Vs. Composite Fillings

At Boise Dental Arts, Dr. Jeremy Brown prefers to work with composite fillings. Composite fillings are made from dental resin which can easily be matched to the color of your existing teeth. They also typically provide a better overall hold and require the removal of less enamel, compared to amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings are usually made from a blend of silver, tin, mercury, and other metals. While they are effective, the grayish color of the filling will not match your teeth, so they do not offer good cosmetic results. For that reason, Dr. Brown usually recommends composite fillings, as they are an equally effective alternative.

Pain-Free Dental Fillings

During the filling process, the team at Boise Dental Arts will ensure that you feel completely safe, comfortable, and relaxed. We use the latest dental technology and techniques to remove minimal enamel from your tooth, and our numbing agents ensure that you won’t feel a thing.

In addition, if you are nervous about your procedure or wish to be more comfortable as we work on your teeth, we offer sedation dentistry with laughing gas. Laughing gas will help you feel more relaxed and happy, and ensure that you do not feel anything during the process. Because it wears off after only a few minutes, you can quickly get back to your day-to-day life, and even drive yourself home from our office.